quinta-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2013


Today, I’m feeling like a stranger in my own body.
My opinion doesn’t count anymore.
My beliefs and thoughts are full with terror, fear and imaginary magical potions to make my dreams come true.
Come, my dearest fairy...
Fulfill them for once.
It’s all I’m asking.
I’m desperately changing into someone I’m not.
Save me from myself and this cruel reality.
Take me some place else.
Kill me if you have to.
How many people I need to have with me to feel I’m adored?
To feel that someone cares about who I am or what I’m going to do?
To pretend I’m happy when I’m not?
Answer me because Gabriel has given up of his cause.
Now, I have nowhere to go.
I’m always alone in this ghost walls full with persons with their own ghosts…
To much to worry about…
I’m always the second choice never the first one.
Life never smiles why do I need to smile back if she doesn’t move?
Pretend I’m your lover not your wife fairy…
They always opt for the lovers instead of me.
Typical reaction…
So much typical that I rather be dead than being here, today, with…
I need you fairy!
All my hopes, all my positive feelings are deposited on you and just you.
I receive no love, no passion, no attention…
Why do I have to stay if no one cares? If no one listens? If everyone ignores?
How desperate I am…
Everyone turned to no one long time ago.

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