sábado, 4 de janeiro de 2014


Because you are the reason of all of this. Just because I couldn’t live without you by my side.
That’s the reason why you still alive and breathing. You… My eternal sunshine, my magic pearl…
In you are all my thoughts and my entire will. You’re commanding all my troops and deep inside I always knew you’re were capable of such a task.
I’ve never love you like I ‘m loving you now. It’s such a magic and beautiful feeling to know that I can never leave if I want to feel myself complete.
Besides, you’re everything I was looking for, a beautiful love story, an amazing will to try, expecting that the distance will never kill us both.
I love you for everything you are, not just for a few terms you’ve presented me like I was you’re lawyer and you were my law.

We’re not burocrats in love.
We’re just humans.